About VineRoutes

Helping you navigate the world of wine

Wine is a wonderful thing. It can emanate romance and intrigue, spark discussion and debate. It can evoke a sense of place or inspire a cherished memory. It is contemplative and complex with a story behind every bottle, every label, every vintage and every winemaker. With VineRoutes, we aim to share some of these stories with you.

VineRoutes is an Ontario, Canada based platform that intends to provide insight not just on Canada’s wine regions, but on a variety of regions around the world. And there are so many to celebrate.

Supporting our local industry

Ontario, Canada is a relatively young region, not to mention very small by comparison to the likes of Tuscany, California and Bordeaux. But the wine here is making a case for itself. People the world over are taking notice of this tiny region and holding on tight to the bottles that they’re able to get – if they can get any at all. We’ll provide a local perspective with great depth here, sharing stories and reviews, giving more credence to this very under-the-radar region we like to call home.

BC makes A+ wines too!

Canada’s other major wine region is the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. It is here where premium wine flows like the waters running off the Rocky Mountains, thanks to a climate that suits grape growing perfectly. We can’t wait to share what we know about this amazing place and we know you’re going to love the wines that we’ve been privileged to discover and taste just as much as we do.

Expanding our horizons

Did you know that there are more than 75 countries producing wine in large commercial quantities? Fact: Canada isn’t even ranked among the top one third in terms of tonnes produced. (FYI Canada ranks 28th). So there’s a lot of ground we can cover here. And although we can’t necessarily get to them all, we do want to explore as many countries and regions as we can so as to share our perspective.

We love to share

Our lead writer is Carmelo Giardina, who has been sharing his professional views and stories on wine for various publications now for several years. Much of what is posted here will come from him. But we’re also open to inviting others to contribute – perhaps people who are in the industry as winemakers, sommeliers, marketers or sales representatives. People who want to share their thoughts and insights on the very fascinating subject of wine.

So with that, please enjoy our stories about wine, the people who make it and the places it comes from.  Thank you for choosing VineRoutes as a source for your wine interest.