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Since its opening in July of 2015, Alo has been somewhat of a sensation. The contemporary French restaurant, located atop a heritage building in downtown Toronto, has been listed as one of the world’s best restaurants – not once, but twice since 2019 (and the only Canadian restaurant to be mentioned in the global top 100 for 2021). The Michelin Guide recently awarded Alo a Michelin Star, and one of the most common feedback phrases from anyone who’s had the pleasure of dining here has been: “what a work of art”.

Their cuisine is internationally inspired and celebrates the finest in seasonal ingredients paired with a genuine sense of welcome. Owner and Head Chef Patrick Kriss certainly knows what he’s doing. As the founder of Alo Group, a celebrated group of restaurants and spaces, Kriss has been named Outstanding Chef of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 by Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants, and in those same years, Alo was crowned Canada’s Best Restaurant. As they say, the results speak for itself.


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