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Barberian's Steak House
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Barberian’s Steak House


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One of Toronto’s classic steak joints. Opened in 1959 by the legendary Harry Barberian, his namesake Barberian’s Steak House has been the fine dining choice for generations of discerning customers, including many celebrities, politicians and sporting heroes. Anyone who loves great food and great wine, impeccably served in an elegant but comfortable and welcoming dining space featuring original art and classic photography collections, will want to visit again and again.

And speaking of wine, did we mention their famous 15,000-bottle cellar? Pictured above, it’s quite simply any wine enthusiast’s dream, and it can be reserved for those special nights with your special group – a spectacular fine dining experience right in the middle of it.

According to Heather McDougall, a sommelier, wine educator and a special VineRoutes panelist for the purpose of this top 25 list: “(Barberian’s) is the place where change happens slowly, yet is nourishing in a very different way. It’s the place where everyone knows your name, and your drink, and your favourite table… and the list goes on. There are so many hidden-in-plain-sight gems on their list, that I suggest bringing some friends and letting the good times flow.”


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