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Breaking barriers: 3 women shaping the world of wine

March 8, 2024

In the traditionally male-dominated world of wine, the presence and influence of women are increasingly being recognized and celebrated. From winemakers and viticulturists to sommeliers and industry leaders, women are making significant strides and reshaping the landscape of the wine industry.

These three remarkable women are not only breaking barriers but also leaving an indelible mark on the world of wine: Laura Catena, Ritu Singhal, and Vanya Filipovic. Their stories illuminate the diversity, talent, and innovation that women bring to the table, highlighting the significance of their contributions in an industry steeped in tradition.

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Each woman was originally profiled in their own separate feature stories, which can be read by accessing the respective links below:

Women in Wine

Women in Wine: Laura Catena

Laura Catena

Among an extensive and impressive list of achievements, 4th generation vintner Dr. Laura Catena is a Biologist, has graduated from Harvard University with honours, obtained her PhD., has three children, and is the leader of the most beloved winery in the world. She is an icon to industry women at all corners of the globe.

“I love being a woman and I love working with women and having so many women working at our winery, so for me, I’m celebrating always…and for me, Women’s Day is every day!”

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Women in wine

Women in Wine: Ritu Singhal

Ritu Singhal

As the co-founder of Group Ritu, Ritu Singhal runs a company that introduced formal wine education in India, promotes Indian wine in foreign countries, and even created the brand Wines of India in 2010.

Facing an almost impossible market structure, tight-fisted and costly retail regulations, including prohibited alcohol advertising within India, Group Ritu has diligently navigated the business by creating a completely new distribution channel across India.

“We chose to work the fabled Indian bureaucracy to convert opportunities through legal channels that were hitherto unknown to India and pave the way for others. Our attention to compliance allows us to concentrate on strategic operations and growth and not have the Damocles sword hang over our heads. For us, not following the law is not an option.”

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Women in Wine

Women in Wine: Vanya Filipovic

Vanya Filipovic

As co-owner and wine program co-director of Montreal’s much celebrated upscale dining wine bar and restaurant, Mon Lapin, as well as founder and owner of wine import agency Vins Dame-Jeanne, Vanya Filipovic is known for her significant contributions to Quebec’s culinary and wine scene, particularly in Montreal.

Apart from her role at Mon Lapin, Vanya has gained recognition for her innovative approach to wine curation and storytelling, and for her advocacy for natural wines and sustainable practices in the wine industry, media and as a wine importer.

“We live in an age of information and people are more than ever informed about what wine is, what goes into it, what stories are behind it, and what techniques or methods speak to them. That’s a positive thing that we’re seeing people have this knowledge and have an opinion on what type of wine they’re looking for and that’s not trend driven.”

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