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Exploring the Central Okanagan with Leah Spooner

June 8, 2022
Leah Spooner shares her insider knowledge on wineries to visit and where she stayed, ate and drank in British Columbia’s sprawling and rugged Central Okanagan. Plus, find out what wines Leah highlights as her favourites from her experience.

While the fertile ice age clay has allowed the Okanagan to create rugged and charming red wines, it was my most recent visit to British Columbia that allowed me to see and taste the Okanagan’s talent through its wide range of styles.

From fragrant riesling, to Provence-style rosé, to rich and earthy red blends, the rich volcanic soils provide the Okanagan with everything it needs to produce high quality wines. The pristine land here, combined with the determined mindset of winegrowers to bring Canadian wine to the forefront, will be sure to capture the attention and heart of any wine lover who comes across it.


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