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Congratulations to Ontario’s Top 20 Wineries of 2021

December 15, 2021

Congratulations to the Top 20 Wineries of 2021, a diverse collection of producers that best represent the province of Ontario, determined by our team’s visit experiences, and celebrated for their exceptional wines.

As was the case with 2020’s inaugural Top 20 Wineries announcement, the VineRoutes editorial team tastes hundreds of Ontario-made wines through both pre-arranged and casual drop-in visits, and from these tastings and visits (that are allowed to date back three years), the editors select the Top 20 Wineries of the year by way of a preferential ballot. From Niagara – the centre of Ontario’s wine production – to Prince Edward County, further east, and Essex County, further south, this list calls out remarkable portfolios of wines in addition to exceptional service, quality-to-price-ratio (QPR), and other experiential attributes.

Learn more about the criteria involved in helping us decide Ontario’s Top 20 Wineries each year

As mentioned, for wineries to qualify for this list, they must have been visited by any member of our team within the past three years, with 2019 being as far back as one could go. And with the pandemic being at the forefront of all visit experiences over the last two years, it should be noted that those wineries that have been able to pivot successfully, rising to the constant challenges of delivering outstanding, not to mention very safe, experiences for their guests, have been rewarded for their efforts.

Ontario Wine Country

A simply gorgeous view of Ontario wine country, as seen from the terrace at Flat Rock Cellars.

In comparison to 2020’s announcement, we welcome five different wineries to this year’s list, with 15 wineries returning. Most notable is the representation of one of Ontario’s official VQA regions (Lake Erie North Shore) for the first time, with two wineries from the province’s most southern region being included.

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Prioritizing these wineries in such a way is done to make casual consumers and wine enthusiasts alike, aware that it is these places that are making significant progress. Be it sustainability and innovation, terroir-driven decisions that influence quality, a dedication to a more focused and committed understanding of the customer experience, or as mentioned, being able to successfully adapt to the ever-changing environment since the onset of the pandemic. In many cases with our selections, these wineries are doing all the above, and are reaping the reward of seeing these initiatives unfold in seamless fashion.

Announcing a list of wineries, which we feel as a team represent Ontario’s current best, holds true to our vision of independently evaluating and highlighting wine tasting experiences from all around the province.

Join us in congratulating Ontario’s Top 20 Wineries for their exceptional performance in our tastings and experiences. With just over 180 wineries operating throughout the province, our picks represent the top 10 percent. We honour these places for their outstanding work.

Listed in alphabetical order, the top 20 Wineries in Ontario are:


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