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Gianna Kozlović discusses her family winery in Croatia

August 31, 2022

The ancient winemaking traditions in Croatia have the majority of winemakers still choosing to embrace indigenous varieties, and as a result, the diversity in the wines produced is extremely broad. Flavour profiles are unique and distinct. Some indigenous varieties are reminiscent of other more well-known ones, while some are truly different.

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I had the chance to taste wines from an outstanding, vegan-friendly winery to help with my feature on Croatian wines – which can be read here. Kozlović Winery, from Istria, Croatia, produces exceptional, award-winning wines from a variety of indigenous grapes. Recently, I was fortunate to speak with Gianna Kozlović, who is currently doing her Masters in Oenology in Germany, and who’s parents (Gianfranco and Antonella Kozlović) run the winery, which has been in the family since 1904.


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