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Wine Marketing Association of Ontario

May 4, 2021

The Wine Marketing Association of Ontario is dedicated to promoting the VQA wines of Ontario – both the vintners and the unique qualities of its authentic VQA wines that are made exclusively from 100 percent Ontario-grown grapes.

Wine Country Ontario is dedicated to promoting Ontario’s wine-growing regions – from the wines and wineries themselves to the complete experience of each destination: local cuisine, year-round activities and warm hospitality. Wine Country Ontario is a brand trademark of the Wine Marketing Association of Ontario.


Wine Country Ontario

For a day trip or weekend escape, the breathtaking beauty, hospitality and VQA wines of Ontario’s wine regions will capture your heart.

Come to Wine Country Ontario where the scent of summer wildflowers, autumn leaves or crisp winter air is carried to you on gentle breezes. Rows of grapevines, sprouting buds, heavy with fruit or in hibernation, create a tranquil countryside view – and hint at the marvelous VQA wines that await you, crafted with care and passion by our renowned winemakers.

Whether you are looking for a day trip or a weekend escape, in summer or winter, the breathtaking beauty and warm hospitality of Ontario’s wine country will capture your heart. Here, the wines, the food, the scenery and the personal stories conspire to engage your senses in every way.

For more information on Ontario’s renowned wines, wineries, regions and various events that take place all throughout the year, please visit

Wine Country Ontario



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