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Nicholas Pearce Wines

August 13, 2021

Nicholas Pearce Wines (NPW) is a premier Ontario-based wine agency committed to delight restaurateurs, sommeliers, and consumers with quality handcrafted wines of unmatched value.

It all started with Nicholas Pearce, when he moved back to Ontario from France in 2010. Armed with an MBA from the Bordeaux International Wine Institute, and the experience in winemaking and négociant activities, Nicholas built NPW by importing top-quality wines from small properties around Europe, and then from the rest of the world, one case at a time.

Over the years, NPW has grown from a one-man operation into a nimble team of talented and passionate wine lovers, but the mission has remained the same: to introduce Ontario wine drinkers to boutique, handcrafted and high-value wines.

See (and sip) for yourself. Visit for more information.