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The Social Herbivore

May 10, 2022

At The Social Herbivore we are passionate about elevating plant-based entertaining by matching vegan friendly wines with vegan cuisine.

We want to feel good about ourselves and nowadays that includes feeling good about the choices we make from an environmental, compassionate, health, and socially-conscious standpoint. We’re here to help make all your plant-based dining experiences magical.

The Social Herbivore

Jennifer Huether, MS and Priya Rao.

We’d love to make YOUR next company soiree or personal celebration a guilt and FOMO-free, wine-ing & dining experience for your guests.

While it’s easy to look up plant-based recipes and cooking demos online, it’s not as easy to find out HOW TO PAIR WINE WITH THE VEGAN DISHES you’re preparing.

We’re taking the guesswork out of the equation while educating you on the different styles of vegan-friendly wines available around the globe.

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The Social Herbivore


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