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Attention wine industry: we want to partner and collaborate with you

September 26, 2019

In conjunction with marketing and media firm PS MediaHouse, we are proud to officially launch VineRoutes – a new platform that intends to provide insight not just on Canadian wines and its regions, but on a variety of wines and regions from around the world.

In fact, the VineRoutes mission is to share stories about wine, the people who make it and the places it comes from. It is less about being another “wine review site” and more about providing an education with regards to some very interesting topics of discussion (ie: sustainable farming practices, winemaking styles and methods, interviews with winemakers from around the world and so much more). Wines that tend to be featured are included to give perspective to the subject matter discussed in these articles.

Inviting guest collaborators to provide content will be a priority for us. Be it fellow wine critics and enthusiasts, sommeliers, winemakers and other industry professionals, VineRoutes will represent many voices within this exciting industry. This will not be a one person show.

We want to write more stories about the wines and winemakers you represent and about any events you have coming up. Therefore, opportunities exist to become a collaborating partner. And in addition to featured stories and interviews, VineRoutes will serve as an advertising platform for product sales and promotions, events and other industry related marketing.

Partnerships and collaborations can benefit through a multi-tiered marketing and messaging campaign, including:

  • Dedicated Blog posts on the VineRoutes website
  • Recurring Social Media posts on all VineRoutes platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Ad space on the website (Leaderboard ads, sidebar and banner ads are available)
  • Emailed custom newsletters promoting our specific partnership and your brand/products sent to our subscriber list

Please note that we are not suggesting we engage in a ‘pay for play’ relationship. Should you choose to become a collaborating partner or advertiser, we will write about your products and events and we will promote them on social media etc., but when it comes to featuring wines for particular articles, we will be fair and objective.

If you’re advertising, your money is NOT paying towards having us feature your wines and publish favourable reviews. Rather, you are paying to have your ads run on the website and to have our team promote you on social media. There is zero expectation of money for your partnership as a collaborator.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding VineRoutes or any opportunities that you think would suit our interests.

We do look forward to collaborating with you.

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