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Le Clos Jordanne

Domaine Le Clos Jordanne: A milestone 20 years in the making

June 21, 2024

The premium Ontario VQA wine brand establishes roots in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula

In a celebration that’s been two decades in the making, Le Clos Jordanne has finally opened its first estate winery, aptly named Domaine Le Clos Jordanne, on the Beamsville Bench – a renowned sub-appellation in the Niagara Peninsula.

Continuing on a story that VineRoutes published last summer which announced the location of the brand’s permanent home and takeover of existing vineyards, the grand opening on June 4th heralded a new era for a brand that’s certainly seen its share of ups, downs, and ups again. This significant milestone not only marks the establishment of a physical home for the Le Clos Jordanne brand’s ultra-premium VQA wines but also cements their commitment to showcasing the unique terroir of Niagara—a region often likened to the prestigious Côte d’Or of Burgundy.

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In fact, this new ‘domaine’ represents more than just a winery, and so much more than a name change; it signifies the acquisition of their own estate vineyards in the Beamsville Bench and it reflects their unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional wines. This is not a departure from their legacy, but an expansion upon it, ultimately showcasing the unique characters of both the Jordan Bench and Beamsville terroirs.

Thomas Bachelder, the esteemed head winemaker at Domaine Le Clos Jordanne, expressed his excitement and pride saying, “The original goal of Le Clos Jordanne was to create a ‘domaine’ in the Niagara region, producing ultra-premium, Burgundian-style chardonnay and pinot noir, entirely from our vines. Our first estate winery opens an opportunity to hone and uncover rich new wine stories from a range of parcels that build on our portfolio of distinct ultra-premium VQA wines.”

Domaine le Clos Jordanne

Thomas Bachelder speaks to the media during the grand opening of Domaine Le Clos Jordanne.

Bachelder brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role. Having spent a decade mastering winemaking techniques in Burgundy before returning to North America, he now specializes in crafting exceptional cool-climate wines, specifically pinot noir and chardonnay (along with gamay noir for his namesake brand). His minimal intervention approach allows the unique characteristics of the Niagara region to shine through in every bottle.

The winery’s vineyards are planted with “Old World vines” imported from an acclaimed luxury winery in Burgundy, featuring the classic noble varietals from that region. Alongside these established vineyards, Domaine Le Clos Jordanne has recently acquired new vineyards in Beamsville, further expanding their terroir-driven philosophy. These added locations will complement their three legacy vineyards: Talon Ridge, Le Clos Jordanne, and Claystone Terrace. Each vineyard, with its own microclimate, contributes to the distinctiveness and complexity of their wines.

Then… and now

The history of the Le Clos Jordanne brand is rooted in a unique Franco-Canadian collaboration between Vincor Canada (now Arterra Wines Canada) and the esteemed Burgundy producer, Famille Boisset. Since releasing their first wines in 2006, Le Clos Jordanne has consistently garnered critical acclaim. The 2005 Claystone Terrace Chardonnay, for example, won first place in the 2009 Judgement of Montreal, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of the Niagara region.

Despite a hiatus in 2016 due to challenging vintages, the winery was revived in 2019 through a renewed partnership with Bachelder.

Domaine Le Clos Jordanne

The inviting interior at Domaine Le Clos Jordanne.

Visitors to the Domaine Le Clos Jordanne estate are invited to indulge in a complete winery experience that includes guided tours, engaging tastings, and a retail boutique featuring their award-winning wines. It’s all designed to provide a welcoming and educational environment. The terrace, offering stunning views of wine country, is a beautiful setting to enjoy a glass of wine paired with Burgundian-inspired hors d’oeuvres.

In addition to the grand opening, Le Clos Jordanne is excited to introduce their first sparkling wine, Crémant de Jordanne, later this summer (see tasting notes below). At the exclusive media opening, the following wines were tasted and further discussed in thorough detail by winemaker Thomas Bachelder:

Cremant de Jordanne2020 Crémant de Jordanne, Blanc de Noir

According to Thomas Bachelder, making a sparkling Blanc de Noir is “all very experimental for us.” And we understand, seeing as the Le Clos Jordanne brand has only made pinot noir and chardonnay until now. But this was highly inevitable, and it’s paid off, because it’s delicious. A limestone flavour element comes through quite nicely, with tart raspberry and citrus fruit, apple peel, and a crisp mouthfeel. Due to be released later this summer. Only 200 cases made. ($55)




Le Clos Jordanne2021 ‘Jordan Village’ Pinot Noir

A more savoury expression, the fruit here is relaxed on the palate. Typical aromas of cran cherry and some subtle earth. There’s a nice balance between the fruit and the earthiness, making it approachable yet intriguing. The tannins are gentle, allowing the wine to finish smoothly with a touch of spice. ($29.95)





Pinot Noir2021 ‘Claystone Terrace’ Pinot Noir

Chalky soil and limestone aromatics give way to tart fruit flavours with bracing acidity. Love the earthy, chalky element here that plays off the nose nicely. Finish is lingering with a spicy feel. There’s an impressive structure to this wine, with the acidity and minerality creating a vibrant, refreshing mouthfeel. ($42)





Le Clos Jordanne2021 ‘Grand Clos’ Pinot Noir

True to consistency, there’s clearly a chalky soil, limestone/gravelly nose to this that’s echoed on the palate. More depth of flavour here, that’s layered and mineral driven. Tannins are felt, but they’re soft and playful on the mouthfeel. The complexity is notable, with hints of dark berries, subtle spices, and a refined, elegant finish that lingers beautifully. ($49.95)





Jordan Village2021 ‘Jordan Village’ Chardonnay

Soft expression, with limestone, gravel, chalky soil as the backbone. The palate reveals a gentle touch of citrus and green apple, complemented by a creamy texture. The minerality adds a refreshing crispness, leading to a clean, polished finish. ($29.95)





Claystone Terrace 2021 ‘Claystone Terrace’ Chardonnay

Lemon curd, terroir expressive. Gravel element, but much more subtle and smooth. The acidity is well-balanced, providing a zesty lift that enhances the wine’s freshness. Subtle notes of white flowers and a hint of oak round out the palate, making for a sophisticated, extended finish. ($42)





Chardonnay2021 ‘Grand Clos’ Chardonnay

Always a bit tight and wound at first, but this is elegant, sophisticated and plays so well on the mouthfeel. As it opens up, layers of citrus, green apple, and a touch of vanilla unfold, supported by a firm mineral backbone. The mouthfeel is creamy yet vibrant, leading to a long, graceful closing that showcases the wine’s refined character. ($49.95)


– Carmelo Giardina is the principal editor of VineRoutes


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