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Fazi Battaglia
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Fazi Battaglia: Crafting excellence with verdicchio in ‘Titulus’

November 28, 2023

In the realm of Italian wine, few names resonate with as much respect as Fazi Battaglia. For decades, this iconic brand has been synonymous with the verdicchio grape, epitomizing the heart and soul of Italy’s fertile Marche region.

Fazi Battaglia’s journey began in 1949 when two brothers, Antonio and Giuseppe Fazi, teamed up with winemaker Camillo Fazi to create a winery that would leave an indelible mark on Italian winemaking. United by a shared passion for the verdicchio grape and a deep respect for their land, they embarked on a mission to craft wines that would encapsulate the essence of Marche.

Verdicchio, with its characteristic greenish-yellow berries, is a jewel of the Marche region. Historically renowned for its versatility, it has graced the vineyards of this picturesque Italian enclave for centuries. The grape’s name, “verdicchio,” translates to “little green one,” a nod to its distinctive hue.

Fazi Battaglia

One of verdicchio’s hallmarks is its crisp acidity, which provides a versatile canvas for winemakers. This flexibility allows for a diverse range of styles, from lively and youthful whites to complex and age-worthy vintages. With its innate ability to reflect its terroir, verdicchio is the perfect conduit for the unique flavours and nuances of Marche.

Titulus: the crown jewel of Fazi Battaglia

At the heart of Fazi Battaglia’s portfolio stands Titulus, a wine that embodies the very spirit of verdicchio. Named after the Latin word for “title” or “inscription,” Titulus holds a place of honour, narrating the tale of the region, the grape and the winemaking tradition.

The verdicchio grapes destined for Titulus are sourced from the heart of the Castelli di Jesi subzone. Here, the combination of clay and limestone soils impart a distinctive character to the grapes. The proximity to the Adriatic Sea, with its moderating influence, ensures a perfect balance between ripeness and acidity in the fruit.

Fazi Battaglia TitulusTitulus graces the senses with a brilliant straw-yellow colour and green reflections—a visual embodiment of verdicchio’s “green” nature. Its aromatic bouquet is a captivating dance of white flowers, citrus blossoms and a delicate hint of almonds.

On the palate, Titulus showcases vibrant notes of green apple, ripe pear and a gentle minerality that echoes the limestone-rich soil. What sets Titulus apart is its balance between zesty acidity and a velvety texture, culminating in a lingering, satisfying finish.

Titulus’ versatility at the table is a testament to Fazi Battaglia’s pedigree. Whether as an aperitif, paired with seafood, or accompanying classic Italian dishes such as risotto and roast poultry, Titulus works as an excellent food pairing.

The crisp acidity slices through creamy pasta dishes, while the aromatic profile harmonizes with the delicate flavours of fresh seafood. For those who appreciate wines with aging potential, Titulus evolves beautifully with time, gaining complexity and depth—making it a perfect companion for aged cheeses and heartier fare.

A timeless icon

Fazi Battaglia’s journey from its humble beginnings to its iconic status today is a testament to their unwavering commitment to verdicchio and the Marche region. Their wines not only pay homage to tradition but also embrace innovation, embodying the spirit of Italian winemaking.

In every sip of Titulus, one discovers a connection to Italy’s rich winemaking heritage and the enduring legacy of Fazi Battaglia. With each bottle, Fazi Battaglia invites wine lovers to partake in their remarkable journey—a journey that continues to captivate and inspire, making them an iconic brand that stands as a beacon of verdicchio excellence.


– Written in partnership with Fazi Battaglia


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