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Restaurant Pompette
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Restaurant Pompette


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Parisian-inspired Pompette simply stands out. Chef/co-owner Martine Bauer’s menu is a treasure trove of French dishes dolled up with a contemporary flair. Wine is of equal importance here, with a 3,000-bottle cellar and a program curated by co-owner and award-winning sommelier Jonathan Bauer.

VineRoutes contributing panelist Heather McDougall writes: Few recent experiences have been as pleasurable as my visits to Pompette. Their team is a wonderful combination of dialed in and fun, and they never cease to entertain. I have been with friends, colleagues and contemporaries and the experience has been perfectly tailored. Go for the show and stay for some Chartreuse – or grab a nightcap at their bar down the street and marvel at the clearest ice I’ve ever seen.


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