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Siduri Winery serves up an exciting new holographic AR experience

August 18, 2020

Who says learning about wine can’t be fun? A new wave of trends in consumer engagement is about to take off courtesy of an exciting collaboration between critically-acclaimed pinot noir specialist, Siduri, and augmented reality agency Rock paper Reality (RPR).

The duo has announced a first-of-its-kind photorealistic holographic Web AR (augmented reality) experience that brings compelling visual storytelling to the consumer goods industry. (In other words, this is going to be pretty cool and you should definitely check this out.)

This exciting new technology allows Siduri to easily engage and educate consumers in a new way, bringing to life the winery’s ethos – that serious wine and serious fun aren’t mutually exclusive.

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For over 25 years, Siduri has specialized in producing cool-climate pinot noir from six major AVAs along the West Coast, spanning from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, down to California’s Santa Barbara County. Their goal is to produce pinot noir that best captures the distinct flavour and character of a given vineyard site. To that end, they specialize in pinot noir and source only from vineyards that provide exceptional fruit.

The Siduri holographic experience, built with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios technology, in which Siduri Founder Adam Lee catapults out of a wine bottle in a variety of immersive, three dimensional segments, is compelling and entertaining to witness. Consumers can easily access the experience directly from a hyperlink or by simply scanning a QR code (try scanning below code).

Next year, the QR code will be featured on Siduri’s wine labels, so that consumers can launch the experience in their favourite wine shops and restaurants that carry Siduri wines. In these unique experiences, hologram-Adam tells stories about the 25-year old winery to capture the viewer’s attention in a lighthearted, immersive, and educational way.

“Siduri has always found ways to connect over wine without being overly complicated – it can be serious, while still being fun.” – Adam Lee, Siduri Founder

“Since founding Siduri, I wanted to break that preconceived notion that wine is too serious or snobby,” says Lee. “Siduri is about my passion for pinot but also a reflection of my personality – fun, laidback, probably too loud. When we were offered the chance to bring that personality to life in a whole new way, we jumped at the opportunity. It seemed like the perfect thing to do with a wine like Siduri.”



Watch the behind-the-scenes video on this exciting new project by visiting our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter.

In our current reality, consumer brands are finding compelling new ways to connect with customers. According to team Siduri, this particular Holographic Experience is the first time volumetric captured content from Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios has been available in Web AR and applied in the consumer goods industry. Created by Rock Paper Reality’s award-winning team of 3D content creators and AR experts using 8th Wall’s Web AR development platform, the Siduri Holographic Experience is well-positioned to introduce the power of holograms and interactive AR to anyone with a smartphone.

See the experiences first hand here, by scanning the QR code, and on bottles in store next year.

The Siduri Willamette Valley pinot noir is currently available in British Columbia and various bottles including the Russian River Valley pinot noir (reviewed below), Santa Barbara pinot noir and Willamette Valley pinot noir may be purchased in Alberta. The QR code will be available on Siduri bottles in Canada as early as next year.



Siduri 2017 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

This wine comes entirely from within the Russian River Valley AVA, a large region that possesses a myriad of soils, exposures, and unique terroirs that together produce a superb representation of the whole of the Russian River Valley. This 2017 offering showcases this area in all its complexity while also making for a wine that is eminently drinkable now as opposed to much later. It’s juicy with black and red fruit highlighting a weighty, full-bodied and fruit-forward style of powerful flavour. Baking spice and cola round out the profile on the finish.


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