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May 18, 2021

somm™ is a Toronto-based technology company focused on making wine more approachable and accessible to everyone. With machine learning at its core, somm is building a personally tailored recommendation engine for the human palate, and in the process, is putting a sommelier in everyone’s pocket.

Whether it’s in seamlessly helping its users pick the perfect bottle, make the best pairing, or discover a whole new world of wine through the marketplace, somm’s simple and intuitive tech unlocks the wine world for the masses while helping the hospitality industry thrive in their new digital future.

With an ultimate vision to be “the Spotify of Taste,” somm’s female founded and led team consists of some of Canada’s top tech and hospitality professionals (from Shopify, Wealthsimple, Delphia, Langdon Hall as well as well as one of Canada’s only Master Sommeliers), and to date, the company is working with top restaurants, bars, hotels, wineries and wine agencies across Ontario, and is also integrated with the LCBO – arguably the largest buyer of wine in the world.

The beta version of their consumer app is available across Canada, and you can read more about the company here: Yahoo’s list of 38 loved women-run companies, SUSTAIN Magazine’s “somm, the future of wine is tech” , WanderEater’s “The Wine App Everyone is Talking About,” Onside’s “Wine Lovers Rejoyce,” along with this Bay St. Bull article. Please note that these articles focus heavily on wine, but that’s just the beginning for somm as the company plans to apply the recommendation to craft beers, spirits, scotch, whiskeys, coffees, teas and possibly even cannabis down the road.

Download somm™ today to join the journey and become part of the Cru. Visit