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September 22, 2020

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Since we launched VineRoutes, now almost seven months ago, our mission has not wavered. Tell stories about wine, the people who make it and the places it comes from and present those stories in a way that many – and not just wine enthusiasts – can and are willing to relate to. We’re thrilled to say that the mantra has been well-received by our readership.

As the VineRoutes brand continues to grow, gaining more reader interest as each week passes, our team continues to seek out ways to better communicate our message and expand our content horizons. We want to be that ever-reliable source for your wine and travel lifestyle and we’d like to be a bit more exclusive with our most loyal following. Therefore, we feel the time has come to start focusing on our newsletter program.

The past seven months have come and gone very quickly for us; putting most of our energy into building our content portfolio of local, national and international stories. In continuing with that, we’d like to also offer more value to our audience.

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By signing up for our newsletter – aptly coined Uncorked – subscribers will have access to receiving exclusive content – including more in-depth wine reviews and QPR analysis – first look industry updates, insightful and timely articles, and special offers from our sponsored partners.

We recognize that our newsletter subscribers are essentially the most loyal of our following, so it is our intention to honour that loyalty with content that stands apart from what you can otherwise find on our website or social media platforms.

Look for more information coming soon on unlocking and accessing certain articles on our website (passwords are given only to our newsletter subscribers).

As long as you are 19 years of age or older (21 years of age or older in the United States), we invite you to join our newsletter by signing up directly on our website’s newsletter prompt located below (or at the top of this page). Once you have submitted your email to us, you will receive a welcome letter and you’re in!

We look forward to sharing more with you and giving you more of what you’re expecting when it comes to information about wine, the people who make it and the places it comes from.

We appreciate your loyalty.

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