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6 favourite vegan and Earth-friendly wines

January 11, 2024

Many of us have reduced the amount of wine we drink overall, while being more mindful of the wines we choose when we do want to enjoy a glass. Interest in vegan-friendly wines has skyrocketed over the past few years as consumers strive to seek options that are better for themselves and the planet.

While not a sommelier myself, my relationship with wine changed dramatically once I began learning about and tasting wine with incredible sommeliers and Master Sommeliers and speaking with winemakers from around the world. It’s as if a fireworks display went off in my brain – an explosion of wines from varietals and countries that I never knew about.

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The wines below are not only fabulous, they are from wineries and winemakers with exceptional commitment to Mother Nature.

Note: The term ‘vegan’ refers to the absence of using any animal-derived additives or proteins in the fining and filtering processes of winemaking. Traditionally, winemakers use ingredients such as egg whites, fish bladder or casein to clarify the wine but these days there are many alternatives such as pea protein or bentonite clay.

It is comforting to see so many winemakers around the world moving towards more eco-friendly farming and winemaking practices and knowing that the quality of their wines is maintained, if not exceeded.

Vegan winesTwo Sisters Cabernet Franc, Ontario, Canada

The ‘two sisters’, Melissa Marotta-Paolicelli and Angela Marotta, have created a winery that is truly spectacular from the gorgeous, Italian-Renaissance-inspired Estate to the beautiful barrel room and the expansive grounds. Winemaker Adam Pearce is not only a really great guy, he’s an incredible winemaker and while all of their wines are exceptional, the cab franc stands out for me because it is so luscious, rich and velvety. Cabernet sauvignon may be one of the most popular red grapes, but I much prefer cab franc for its spiciness and its bold, rich flavour. This is a wine for special occasions, or to make any occasion special.



Vegan WineLagasca Winemaker’s Selection Viognier, Cuenca, Spain

Here’s another grape that is, in my opinion, not nearly as well-known as it should be. For those who say white wine has no flavour, this wine by Punctum Biodynamic Family Vineyards is for you! It smells like a bouquet of flowers, ripe peach and faint citrus, but is dry, crisp, nicely acidic and surprisingly full-bodied for a white grape. It is quite simply, one of the most beautiful white wines and works really well with vegetable-based dishes. The Lagasca offers incredible value for the price, which is a bonus in these inflation-fueled times. Punctum’s commitment to the environment includes recycling 100 percent of their water waste and waterfall for irrigation, changing production materials and packaging and striving towards a Carbon Neutrality Certification.


Vegan WineQuerciabella Mongrana, Tuscany, Italy

Another stand-out red wine, the Mongrana is a blend of sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and merlot, and has all the best qualities of each. It’s rich and fruity, dry, and has a deep colour that is a joy to swirl in your glass. Querciabella is a vegan, biodynamic winery—somewhat of an oxymoron when you consider that traditional biodynamic winemaking is not vegan-friendly due to their use of cow horns full of manure. But owner Sebastian Castiglioni redefined biodynamics when he took over from his father and now Querciabella is an uber-vegan winery—they use ceramic horns in place of cow horns. The Mongrana is well-priced for one of Tuscany’s top producers or premium wines.



Vegan WinesL’Acadie Vintage Cuvée Sparkling Wine, Nova Scotia, Canada

When we think of Canadian wine, we generally think of British Columbia and Ontario, so you may be surprised to learn that Nova Scotia is a leading producer for Canadian sparkling wine. L’Acadie is the first Biocyclic winery in North America, in that it goes above and beyond organic and vegan practices to exclude any inputs of animal origin, therefore embracing purely plant-based organic farming. This wine is made in the traditional method, meaning the Champagne method but only wines made in the Champagne region can carry the distinction of the term ‘Champagne’.  Notes of tart apples and pear, with lovely hints of sourdough make this a sparkling wine you should always keep on hand.



vegan wineStratus Canned Wildass Rosé, Ontario, Canada

I have my quirks. I drink primarily reds in winter and whites in summer but hand me a glass of rosé any day of the year and I’ll happily accept. It can be made from a multitude of grapes and can vary from super dry to quite sweet. This one from Stratus is a fun, juicy, easy-drinking wine. Many folks look down their noses at canned wine and I’ll admit that I used to be one of those people. After interviewing Michelle Bouffard, founder of Tasting Climate Change, I’ve come to learn that canned (and boxed) wines are truly the way of the future, as packaging is responsible for up to 40 percent of a wine’s carbon footprint. Plus, there is a global glass shortage, so this wine is an eco-friendly choice on many levels.


Karlo EstatesKarlo Estates Van Alstine White & Red

Sometimes all you want after a great meal or at the end of a winter’s eve is a glass of port-style wine and these definitely fit the bill. Karlo is notable for being the first vegan-certified winery in the world. Vintner, Sherry Karlo, is herself vegan and all food pairings served at the winery are plant-based, which makes for a truly unique, and tasty experience. These are rich, intense, sweet wines that can replace or complement your dessert. Simply delicious.




Priya RaoA foodie and wine lover, Priya Rao has been active in the world of vegan food & wine since 2011 and is the co-founder of The Social Herbivore. Priya’s vegan-focused contributions to VineRoutes help build awareness for the plant-based enthusiast and curious alike. 


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