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6 tasty alcohol-free drinks for winning dry January and beyond

January 14, 2022

The New Year calls for a toast, but what if you’re up for the cheers and not the alcohol? Insert ‘Dry January’, a time embraced by many who are looking to start the new year fresh after a wine and spirits filled holiday season. 

alcohol-free drinksAs it turns out, search results for Dry January are up 10 percent globally and 21 percent of adults in the US and Canada participated in Dry January in 2021. Beyond January, the shift towards a more balanced lifestyle has never been more apparent, which may not always leave room for alcohol. Luckily, the market is booming with high quality alcohol-free alternatives that can be perfectly enjoyed all year-round.

Whether you’re taking the Dry January plunge or looking to swap your usual glass of vino for something new from time to time, we’ve rounded up our favourite alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits that are perfect for the sober curious. 


Grüvi was created to dispel the notion that non-alcoholic wine and beer doesn’t always taste great. With a mission to prove that you can have it all,  Grüvi makes a selection of tasty, healthy wine and brews that are worthy of a cheers.

Wine lovers can shop their Bubbly Rosé and Dry Secco, while beer drinkers can opt for their selection of dry beers from IPA to Pale Ale, Stout and Sour Weisse. Canadians can get Grüvi delivered from, find them locally at Cocktail Emporium and very soon will be accessible through Somm’s Cru & Grand Cru membership offering. 

alcohol-free drinksAcid League 

Acid League has taken the alcohol-free category by storm with their layered blends of proxies, juices, teas, spices and bitters that have all the complexity of great wine, and none of the alcohol. Their large selection of proxies range in fruit, acidity, body and spice, and can be found at many Canadian bottle shops or online.

Teetotaler Wines

Born and bottled right in Ontario, Teetotaler Wines boast a collection of Spanish tempranillo red and rosé, airen white and sparkling. They are the perfect alternative for the wine lover looking to expand their palate.

Pick up a bottle (or two) from top retailers like Grape Crush Wines, order a pack online at or treat yourself to a guilt-free glass at their growing list of partner restaurants.

Opus Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Opus was born with a passion for creativity and setting the perfect cocktail experience with none of the prep work. Their growing list of hand-crafted cocktails are changing the game and their newly launched alcohol-free Aperitivo Spritz and gin & tonic are the perfect swap for your usual Saturday sipper. 

Get Opus delivered right to your doorstep by ordering through their website


An oldie but a goodie, Seedlip is the original non-alcoholic distilled spirit with refreshing botanicals. With a selection of three unique flavours, Seedlip Grove, Garden and Spice, they act as the perfect base to any cocktail and give you the feeling of an elevated gin-based drink without the effects of alcohol. 

Pick up a few bottles at specialty food stores and channel your inner bartender by checking out their website for creative cocktail recipes.

Soft Crush by Crush Imports

As one of Canada’s leading importers, Crush Import’s portfolio of wine can’t be beat. Their impressive repertoire of alcohol-free wine is offered through Soft Crush: an exclusive line of products for the sober curious ranging from low-intervention organic wines to wines from the Leitz winery in Germany. 

We promise you’ve never tasted alcohol-free wine that tastes this good! Find their products throughout top restaurant and liquor stores across Western Canada, like Highlander Wine & Spirits.

If your 2022 resolution was to try something new, any of these alcohol-free wines, beers and spirits are the perfect way to start. Cheers to the new year with something a little different yet just as tasty!


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