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Sips of summer: An elevated, ready-to-drink wine cocktail experience

May 29, 2020

Keep it simple. That’s the mentality I have towards most things, and when it comes to how I like my drinks, nothing is more true.

I’m a wine lover, and most nights throughout the year you can find me having a glass of my favourite pinot, but once summer hits my taste buds yearn for sunnier varieties – sauvignon blanc, riesling, gamay and sparkling. For socializing and patio weather, these are crisp, refreshing and aromatic. Even when perusing the seemingly complicated cocktail menu at a restaurant, I normally end up giving up and asking for the wine list. Seems like too much of a gamble for something I may not like.

So, when I saw that Arterra Wines Canada released wine-based ready-to-drink cocktails and sparkling sodas in a can, I basically had to try every single one. And they did not disappoint. Light, low in sugar, low alcohol, low calories, AND bursting with fresh fruit and botanical flavours. Flavors such as hibiscus, juniper and rose are coupled with notes of lemon, lime and raspberry, making these the perfect summer sippers for quarantine patio time and socializing with friends (when we can finally do that). So, when you can’t decide between wine or a cocktail, this will help you enjoy both.

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Below is the lineup. I’ve got my favourites but you may want to go out and buy them all and taste-test them yourself. In Ontario, most are available at either the LCBO or Wine Rack stores and most are under $3!

For those who haven’t explored the ready-to-drink beverage category (or RTD for short), you will soon, as it is growing rapidly and the uniqueness of the product offerings are exceptional, including the eye-catching packaging! For consumers making active decisions to reduce the amount of alcohol they are consuming, RTDs provide a great alternative – low alcohol, low calories, big in flavour.

Ready-to-Drink Wine Cocktails


Rilli Brilli Pink Lemonade Rosé

Refreshing citrus taste of lemonade and juicy grapefruit with subtle notes of rose petals. Available at LCBO.





Ready-to-Drink Wine Cocktails


Good Fortune Raspberry Hibiscus

A sparkling wine cocktail with a mix of fresh red and dark raspberries with the sweet floral aroma of hibiscus. Available at LCBO and in Manitoba.





Ready to Drink Beverages


In Good Order Real Blueberry & Juniper

This sparkling hard soda has flavours of fresh picked blueberries with a dash of juniper and a touch of sweetness. Available at Wine Rack in Ontario, BCLS, Alberta and Saskatchewan.





Ready to Drink Beverages


In Good Order Tahitian Lime & Hibiscus

Bright and zesty, this sparkling hard soda has flavours of tart lime and a hint of hibiscus. Available at Wine Rack in Ontario.





Ready to Drink Wine Cocktails


Naked Grape Rosé Sangria Spritz

A fresh mix of strawberries and raspberries and a hint of grapefruit for brightness. Available at Wine Rack and in Saskatchewan.





Ready to drink wine cocktails


Bodacious Moscato Rosé

Fruity, luscious, refreshing and crisp with aromas of ripe apricot, raspberries, and juicy peach, finished with a hint of spritz. Available at Wine Rack, LCBO, in Alberta and Newfoundland.


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