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Prime Seafood Palace
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Prime Seafood Palace


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Prime Seafood Palace is the newest restaurant on this list of 25 of Ontario’s top restaurants, having just opened in May, 2022. There is nothing like it around, and no surprise that Chef Matty Matheson is the mastermind here behind the city’s newest and most ambitious steakhouse (yes, don’t be fooled by the name). The menu is tightly curated, balancing fantastic seafood, big meats cooked on the grill and serious vegetable preparations.

Sommelier and wine educator Heather McDougall loves the idea and execution behind Prime. “Let’s talk about a restaurant built for greatness,” she says. “It’s almost inconceivable the amount of talent they have stacked to the soaring ceiling in that building. If you’re craving an escape from the bustle, this is it. Every detail well thought out, every touchpoint cohesive and everything delivered with calm confidence. It’s a great place to relinquish control and have them lead; you will be handsomely rewarded.”



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