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Jennifer Huether: ‘Ontario chardonnay is a game changer, and here’s why’

May 26, 2022

Is chardonnay Ontario’s great white variety?

Great chardonnay has the ability to translate terroir to us, the sense of place and vineyard from where it is grown. It can also be extremely complex, crafted unlike other white varieties. Nature has an opportunity to shine through this grape, but so does the deft hand of the winemaker. The challenge to strike a fine balance between acidity and weight, texture and mouthfeel is the pursuit of our talented winemakers.

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If Ontario is to be seriously considered as a benchmark region for chardonnay, the wines need to display the ability to evolve and gain more complexity with age (10 plus years). Are we there? 

I had a chance to speak with five local winemakers on the subject of why Ontario chardonnay should now be considered a game changer for our local region, and here is what they had to share: 


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